Europe 2012 || Vacation

Last November Pardeep and I went to Europe. He had a Neurolink conference in Munich and I thought that if he was going then I wanted to go too! I definitely did not want to miss out on going to Europe! I met him in Munich a week after he left home. I toured around Munich and Freising (a small bavarian town 30 minutes outside of Munich) on my own while Pardeep was learning lots at his conference. I went to a BMW museum and I saw some guys surfing in this stream which was part of a very large garden (photos below). After Munich we went to Vienna and Prague. These were 3 places that I hadn’t been to before so I was super excited as I usually am whenever I go travelling. I was gone for just 9 days but I had an amazing time. In Vienna, we ate the famous dessert called the Sacher Torte and we also celebrated Diwali there. Prior to going we were told by many people that the Christmas markets in Vienna are something to see. So I thought this would be really cool. As we were walking around one day they were setting up for it but we asked someone and it wasn’t opening until the weekend, so we missed it just by a few days :(. But when we got back to Vancouver we went to the Christmas market they had downtown. Probably not the same but it did bring back some memories of things we saw during our trip. Prague was by far both of our favourite place. We just loved it, just being there and walking around the streets. We did a couple of tours which we really enjoyed and learned a lot of Prague’s history. We both also loved the small cobblestone streets (Pardeep a bit more than me). The cobblestone streets just really give that European feel. Prague was also by far the coldest out of the 3 places. But we were prepared with our warm clothing and we did double upto stay a little bit warmer. We ended off our trip by getting Thai massages. It was quite the experience and we laughed a lot! It’s hard to explain but you will have to ask us next time we see you about our Thai massage experience! I know it was back in November which is kind of a while ago, but I just hadn’t gotten a chance to post the photos. So here they are! Enjoy!



8 Week Project || Week 6 || Vancouver, BC Photographer

This past weekend I went to Osoyoos with my husband. We had an amazing time and I wanted to share some photos. This week’s ┬átheme is VINEYARD. We visited the Hester Creek Vineyard in Osoyoos, did some wine tasting and I snapped a few shots of the vineyards. I’ll be posting more photos from our trip within the next week so be sure to come back to check them out!


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India – Part I

My trip to India back in December was incredible! I finally got around to editing some of the photos and can now share them. We did quite a bit of travelling in the 3 weeks of this vacation. These are some of the places we went to: Delhi, Amritsar, Jaipur, Mumbai, Nanded, Ajantha and Gujurat. There are tons of photos so this is Part 1. Come back because there will be more to come soon!


photocrati gallery