Baby A || July 2021 || Burnaby Baby Photographer

My cousin and his wife welcomed their adorable baby boy into the world a few months ago. They wanted to do some photos with the lil guy. So we met at a park close to their home and did an outdoor lifestyle session. He is just the sweetest and I loved holding and cuddling him! Here are some of my favs from their session.

S&G Maternity || May 2021 || Surrey Maternity Photographer

It has been a long time since I have done a blog post and a session. But one of my dearest friends is having a baby and I took some maternity photos and I just had to share them! We met at Campbell Valley Park. It was a beautiful cloudy day, the perfect weather for a photo shoot. I just love how their photos turned out. Here are some of my favs. I cannot wait to meet this little one! If you are pregnant and want some maternity photos or if you just want some updated photos please contact me I would love to chat!

10 on 10 || Decorating Cookies || February 2019 || Vancouver Family Photographer

This months 10 on 10 blog circle is decorating Valentine’s cookies. We went to the store a couple weeks ago and she saw some cookies and wanted to decorate them. So I said I would get them closer to Valentine’s day. So the other day I brought them home and showed her and she of course wanted to make them that day. So I popped them in the oven, made the icing and then got my camera out and let her decorate! As you can see from the first photo she was very excited and you can’t decorate without having a little taste of the icing before your all done!

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10 on 10 – Bedtime routine || January 2019 || Vancouver Family Photographer

Happy New Year! This is my first blog post of the new year. Last year I participated in a monthly 10 on 10 bog circle. I did pretty good at the beginning of the year and then towards the end I didn’t quite get in on every month. So this year we are doing it again and I am excited about it! I didn’t think that I was going to even have anything for the first month, but the other night my daughter was taking a bath and she called me over and I saw she had a bubble beard so I had to take a photo of it! And then I just decided in that moment that I would capture her bedtime routine. And voila January’s 10 on 10 blog post was on its way! Sometimes I find I try to think too much of what I could do the photos on so this was nice I saw the moment and went with it. I’m trying to get her to be a bit more independent and do more things on her own so this week at ¬†bedtime she has been putting her pjs on all by herself. She had difficulties with this before but she has been doing really well with it now. So proud of my baby…I guess she isn’t really a baby anymore, but she will always be my baby! Be sure to check out the link at the bottom of the post for the next photographer and continue on with the blog circle!

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