10 on 10 – E turns 3 || May 2018 || Vancouver Family Photographer

The 10 on 10 blog post is a monthly post where a group of photographers choose 10 photos from the month to share. We then create a blog circle with a link to another photographer at the end of the blog.

Last month by baby turned 3! Clearly she is not a baby anymore and as she likes to say “I’m a big girl”. But she will always be my baby. She originally wanted a Paw Patrol birthday party and then a week before she changed her mind and wanted a Frozen party. Luckily I hadn’t bought anything before that! The week of her party I told her we have to go shopping one day to buy her a dress and she said “I want an Elsa dress”. First I thought where am I going to find an Elsa dress in just a few days?! But luckily I found one an Amazon and when it came I wanted to try it on to make sure it fit and to take some photos of her in it. She loves wearing dresses right now and twirling as you can see in the photos. Oh and if she could she would wear this dress every day!

On her actual birthday her daddy bought her a special Elsa cupcake (it was just a cupcake with blue icing). She was SO excited about it! Once we gave her surprise she blew out her candle and started eating. My husband was recording the whole thing. Her reaction was just priceless! And then he realized that he didn’t press record! And I was so in the moment that I didn’t even think to get my camera until after she had already started. But I was happy I was able to capture some of it!

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Bains Family Session || Vancouver, BC || Family Photographer

I met and photographed the Bains Family a few weeks ago in Stanley Park. They have 2 little girls who are absolutely adorable! I had so much fun working with them! Check out this beautiful family!