10 on 10 – Pancakes || April 2018 || Vancouver Family Photographer

The 10 on 10 blog post is a monthly post where a group of photographers choose 10 photos from the month to share. We then create a blog circle with a link to another photographer at the end of the blog.

I am really loving doing this monthly blog post and documenting daily life with my family. My little girl loves to help me do just about anything especially if its in the kitchen. Anytime I am in the kitchen she will ask me if she can help and she will go grab her little chair and bring it to the island. Every week we make pancakes and she loves pouring and mixing up the batter. So I thought that this would be something fun to document. For this month I also decided to edit all the photo in black and white! Be sure to continue the blog circle by clicking on the link at the bottom of the post.

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Project 52 – January & February || Vancouver, BC Documentary Family Photographer

This year I am doing a Project 52. I am taking 1 photo a week for every week in 2018. I am loving capturing my little girl and all the little things she does on a daily basis. it is going to be great When she gets older and I can look back at these photos and memories. I have been posting the photos on Instagram but I thought I would do a blog post of some of my favs. So here are some photos I took from January and February.

10 on 10 – Snowday || March 2018 || Vancouver, BC Documentary Family Photographer

I know its March…..BUT we didn’t get a lot of snow this year and then at the end of February we had a major snow day! I love snow so I was super excited and wanted to take some photos so bad so the next day we took our little girl out to the park to play and build a snowman. She had SO much fun playing with her daddy! I was there too but I was behind the camera this time. She was super excited about the carrot and putting it on her snowman. By the time we got there the park had been played in pretty well so we didn’t have the best snow and our snowman was a little dirty…LOL. But it didn’t matter because we had a great time and she got to build a snowman and make snow angels and throw snowballs at her daddy! Don’t forget to continue with the blog circle. The link is at the end of the blog post. Come back again next month!

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