10 on 10 – Naptime || February 2018 || Vancouver, BC Documentary Family Photographer

Last weekend my daughter was sick so we were homebound for a couple of days. I decided I was going to take out my camera and do my 10 on 10 photos from that day. So I took photos throughout the day and this time I actually got in front of the camera with her. I realized that I always take photos of her but when she gets older I want her to be able to not only have photos of her but me in them as well! Once the day was over and I was looking through all the photos I decided that the theme for this month was going to be NAPTIME! Or lack there of for her on this day! Like I said she was sick and didn’t sleep well the night before so I wanted her to have a nap so she could get some rest. We do our usual routine, we start out by choosing a book and getting in bed.

As you can see she was already goofing around (running around on the bed) as I was setting up my camera. I finally got in bed with her and read her a book.

Then like I normally do I close my eyes to pretend i’m sleeping in the hopes that she will fall asleep. Sometimes it takes a little while but usually it works. But on this day as you can see below I was “sleeping” and she was awake playing with her stuffy.

After at least an hour (I think it might have been more) of trying I threw in the towel. She was way too awake and she was not going to nap. She did at least lie next to me during that time. And I may or may not have dozed off for a bit…lol. So I got up and so did she and she began jumping around again.

Here she is with her hair crazy and all over the place.

And once her hair was out of her face I got this! She tends to make a funny face when you ask her to smile so I was so happy when I saw this beautiful natural smile! She sure does melt my heart!

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