Nikhail’s 8th Birthday || Abbotsford Birthday Photographer

Nikhail turned 8 back in January and he celebrated his birthday at 4 cats in Abbotsford. I had never been before but it was a really cool party. It was a minecraft theme party. The kids all got to paint one masterpiece together and then they each got to made their own clay creature which they got to take home with them. 


Nikhail’s 4th Birthday || Abbotsford, BC || Children Birthday Photographer

Nikhail’s 4th birthday was last week and it took place at the Abbotsford Rec Centre. This year his mom made him a fire truck themed cake! The kids had lots of fun playing in the gym with the bouncy castle and all the other cool toys they had there. After cutting the cake Nikhail became a junior fire chief. Nikhail and his mom had a race to see who could get into their fireman gear the quickest! It was a tight race but I think Nikhail won this one 😉