Hello and thanks for visiting! My name is Jessica and I am a Documentary Family, Event and Portrait Photographer based in beautiful Vancouver, BC. I am a wife and mom of a 3 year old. We do so many things throughout the years and time just flies by so it is nice to capture these moments and be able to look back at that them years later. I want to help you preserve the memories of you and your loved ones! Contact me to book a session.


I have always had a love for photography. I remember taking a photography class in high school. I also worked part time in the PhotoLab at Walmart while I was in University getting my Bachelor of Education. Along with being a photographer, I am also a high school French teacher. After purchasing my first DSLR in 2010 I took some courses at Langara and my passion for photography led me to begin my own business.  


Some things you may not know about me are that I love food, snow and to travel. My husband and I love trying out new restaurants especially while we are travelling to new cities.

Even though we don’t usually get a whole lot of it in Vancouver, I love the snow! Just a few years ago I really started to embrace the mountains that we live so close to by trying out some winter activities and I am so glad that I did because it was so fun! I went snowshoeing, cross country skiing (which was really hard by the way) and snowboarding. Snowboarding is the one I stuck with, even though I am still a beginner I really enjoy it! 

New York, Rome and Santorini are 3 of my favourite cities. I absoutely love Europe and there are so many more countries I want to visit. 

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