10 on 10 – Waking up from a nap || July 2018 || Vancouver Family Photographer

I am participating in a monthly blog circle with a group of talented photographers from all around the world. Every month we post 10 photos and link to the next person. Please find the link to the next photographer at the end of the blog post!

Summer vacation started last week and it has already been busy. My little girl did space camp last week, I’m trying to get her prepared for starting preschool in September. I had no idea how it was going to go but she did great! I was definitely a proud momma! She also started soccer last week and this week started gymnastics. Thought that I should keep her busy and give us something to do throughout the summer. After gymnastics I knew she was tired but she usually doesn’t take a nap when I am home (unless she falls asleep in the car or I take her for a walk in the stroller). She does however take naps with grandparents. But today after lunch I convinced her to cuddle with me. So after a little while she did eventually fall asleep (not going to lie so did I, I may have even fallen asleep before her!). Even though now she doesn’t nap everyday when she does waking her up can be very difficult. I decided that I was just going to take some photos of her sleeping for my project 52. And then as I was doing this I was trying to wake her up and took pictures as I did this and decided that this was going to be this months 10 on 10. Waking her up from a nap can be a difficult task and take some time, she often rolls over and goes back to sleep. These moments are the little things that I feel are easily forgotten, but I am so glad I captured this moment and all her expressions as she was woken up from her nap. Hope you enjoy the photos and don’t forgot to check out the next photographer at the bottom of the post.

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