Smith Family Day in the Life || Burnaby Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of hanging out with the Smith family in March in Burnaby, BC. They welcomed me into their home and I got to photograph their adorable little family. They have a 3 year old and a 6 month old. It was so much fun hanging out and watching A, I just loved listening to her sweet voice. She is a one lucky girl, she has a big toy room filled with tons of toys! She also loves dressing up and you will see a couple of her costumes as she changed multiple times while I was there because you have to wear a different outfit for each activity of course! G got to do a bit of reading with her daddy and her big sister and then she took a nap. I just love capturing the simple everyday moments like reading and playing hide and seek. These are the moments that are going to be so great to be able to look back at and remember what life was like at a particular time. Check out the slideshow with all the images and below that are some of my favs from the session.

If you are interested and want to do a documentary family session like this one contact me I would love to chat!


Thompson Family Day in the Life || Surrey Family Photographer

In February I did my first Documentary family session with the Thompson family. I went to their house bright and early so we could get some photos of the entire family together before the little one went down for a nap and so we could finish up before the older one had to go for her nap. I really loved doing this session so much! I love how it was so relaxed and there was no stress on the part of the family or me. I told them ahead of time that they didn’t have to do anything at all to prepare and did not need to get dressed up either. I would just be going over and capturing part of their day. I wanted it to be authentic and show their story. This type of session is different because there is no posing but it is real life because it is showing their daily life. It will be so great to look back at these memories when the kids are older and show them the things they loved doing, some of their favourite toys and games and all the expressions that they used to make when they were little. My goal in these sessions is to capture life as it is now. Click play to view the slideshow of all their images and below that are some of my favs from the session.

I am so thrilled to now be offering these sessions. So if you are interested please contact me I would love to chat!


10 on 10 – Pancakes || April 2018 || Vancouver Family Photographer

The 10 on 10 blog post is a monthly post where a group of photographers choose 10 photos from the month to share. We then create a blog circle with a link to another photographer at the end of the blog.

I am really loving doing this monthly blog post and documenting daily life with my family. My little girl loves to help me do just about anything especially if its in the kitchen. Anytime I am in the kitchen she will ask me if she can help and she will go grab her little chair and bring it to the island. Every week we make pancakes and she loves pouring and mixing up the batter. So I thought that this would be something fun to document. For this month I also decided to edit all the photo in black and white! Be sure to continue the blog circle by clicking on the link at the bottom of the post.

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