My Girl || 9 months

Hello and Happy 2016! 2015 was quite a year for me with the birth of my baby girl. She is absolutely wonderful and I can’t believe she is already 9 months old! I decided that this year I need to start blogging again and what a better way to start than with my little girl! Being a photographer I was feeling kind of bad that I haven’t taken that many photos of my own baby (I mean I take photos on my phone all the time but it is just not the same). So last week I decided I wanted to do a photoshoot with her since she turned 9 months. With it being winter and all outside wasn’t really going to be an option and I don’t have a studio either. So I told my husband while I was feeding lunch to my daughter that I wanted to take some photos of her. Since we were both home we decided that after she finished lunch and before her nap we were going to do it. So he cleaned her up and I setup my backdrop and got my camera out and voila I had a mini home studio. Here are a few of my favs from the session!