Purves Family || Anniversary Party || Coquitlam, BC Photographer

A couple weeks ago I headed out to Coquitlam to meet the Purves Family. It was John and Mary Ann’s 50th Anniversary! So their kids put together a party for them. We started off with some Family photos and then guests arrived and I stuck around to take some photos of the party. I had such a great time, they were all so friendly and welcoming. They made me feel like I was part of the family. As I was talking to some of the guests I learned that everyone who was in the bridal party at John and Mary Ann’s wedding 50 years ago was at their anniversary party! I thought that this was amazing and so of course we gathered them all together and took a group photo! A special package arrived for John and Mary Ann. When they opened it they found a certificate with Anniversary wishes from the Mayor of Coquitlam and another from the Prime Minister! As I was driving home I was so happy that I got to meet this family because they were so friendly and I had such a great time with them!


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