8 week project || Week 4 || Vancouver, BC Photographer

I didn’t get a chance to post photos from Week 4 last week. So this week there will be 2 posts. This past weekend I did some second shooting at Horseshoe Bay. After I was done I decided to stick around a bit and take some photos. So the theme for Week 4 is actually a location….well 2…HORSESHOE BAY and WHYTECLIFF PARK!


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8 Week Project || Week 3 || Vancouver, BC Photographer

It is week 3 of my 8 week project! So what is the theme you ask?? Well you are about to find out! My friend Lisa is getting married in Osoyoos on the August long weekend. I am really looking forward to attending her wedding! So yesterday myself and 3 others went to Lisa’s place to help her with some wedding stuff. So the theme for this week is GETTING CRAFTY! Check out some of the amazing work we did! And yes there is going to be a Candy Bar! I can’t wait to see all the jars filled with delicious candy!


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8 week Project || Week 2 || Vancouver, BC Photographer

It’s Friday already! Can’t believe this week is already over! For this weeks theme I had been thinking lots about what I wanted to photograph. I was a bit lazy this week and didn’t want to leave the house, so I finally decided to try something that would take a bit of preparation and lots of patience and I could do at home! This weeks theme is WATER DROPS! I had tried this one time before but it did not go very well. So I decided to challenge myself and try it again, thought that maybe this time it would work better with my new camera. It took a while to get set up in the right spot with a good amount of light and I had to try different lenses. Then I finally got the right lens had the water and tripod setup in the right spot and this is what I came up with! Enjoy and have a great weekend!


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